Baxi Wallhung Condensing Boiler

Wallhung Condensing Boilers

Baxi Luna wallhung condensing boilers are environmentally friendly, green appliances:

  • Emit 90% less CO and 80% less NOx
  • Operate at up to 99% efficiency
  • Compatible with any type of hydronic air handler, wall or baseboard radiator, or in-floor radiant heating system.
  • Ideal for custom radiant heating applications, such as snowmelt and heated towel racks.

Baxi Luna HT 380 & 1.330

  • Baxi Luna HT 380 is combination central heating and on-demand domestic hot water boiler (with DHW flow rate of 3.9 US gpm @ ( ▲T 80°F))
  • Baxi Luna HT 1.330 is Central heating-Only boiler (with built-in electronic 3-way diverter valve for connection with optional indirect tank)
  • Fully modulates from 112,601 to 32,804 BTU output Measure 17 ¾ "W x 13 ½ D x 30"H
  • Fully modulating fan and calibrated venturi
  • Fully modulating gas valve has 1:1 gas/air mechanical control
  • Nickel-chrome stainless steel (AISI 316L) primary heat exchanger, high resistance to corrosion, no internal welding, large heat exchange surface and low heat inertia
  • Double cylinder stainless steel burner (AISI 316L)
  • Sealed combustion
  • Fully electronic 3 way motorized valve (Also included in heating only model for indirect tank option)
  • Double CPU microprocessor for highest efficiency optimization
  • Fully automatic self diagnostics
  • Anti-freeze protection (Unit will operate at low fire until 30°C (86° F) loop temperature is achieved)
  • Pump protection (10 second operation if system static for 24 hours)
  • 3-way valve protection (electronic communication and operation to main circuit board if static for 24 hours)

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